Katie Clarke - Classical Pianist

Project Piano

Project Piano embodies everything I do outside of the purely classical realm. This includes musical directing; piano variety, comic song writing and my latest venture “PDM” which stands for Piano Dance Music, a blend of classical piano with electronic dance music.

With PDM I am breaking the mold of what Classical music typically adheres to and pushing the boundaries by fusing different styles together. The piano parts are steeped in original classical pieces such as Beethoven’s Für Elise or Mozart’s Rondo alla Turca, but alongside award winning music producer Sean Carney we have created an innovative new take, thrusting these pieces into the vicinity of popular music.
My piano variety show came about when I wished to create something that was lively, accessible and altogether cheeky and to reflect the more vibrant side of me as a performer. I wanted a show that allowed the performers to have fun on stage, and through their own enjoyment entertain the audience. Not only do I work with the band, I sing comic songs, which I have written and arranged, and also play some solo piano pieces, both serious and comical.

I worked alongside several arrangers to create a unique style of music, blending everything from jazz; classical piano, films and even television show themes. Tom Deering, a composer and musical director from London who has worked on several film, television and theatre projects as a arranger, composer, conductor and pianist, was the genius behind several of the arrangements. We worked closely together to create pieces that are catered for my abilities as a virtuoso classical pianist, but also bring in the band. The creations include Bumblebee Boogie, a fast and furious take on the Rimsky-Korsakoff’s Flight of the Bumblebee underpinned with a boogie-woogie style, Autumn Waltz, which is a slow and relaxed fusion of Bill Evan’s Waltz for Debbie and Autumn Leaves, and Back to the Jaws Wars, a blend of famous film tunes throughout the ages.

Another composer I worked alongside was Andrew Lynwood. A composer, pianist and producer from London, Andrew also recorded and produced my classical CD in the summer of 2011. He brought a different feel and style to the music creating two ‘jazzed-up’ Bach pieces.

My live shows contain both piano variety and PDM elements to give the audience a fresh and entertaining performance.